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  • HOGAR DE AMOR I: 11 babies
  • HOGAR DE AMOR II: 6 boys
  • HOGAR DE AMOR III: 8 girls

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Los Tres Bebecitos

Our three youngest in CDA I! Left to right, they are 8 weeks, 6 weeks, and 5 weeks. They are all around 7-8 pounds, so it's a little confusing at moments to know who is who (try that game at night!!). Now to learn to tell their cries apart...

Some more pictures I took, having fun with our "triplets":

A picture of the little guy asleep in my lap (definitely one of his favorite places):

And for the fan club of the real twins, a new pic. =)

Thanks for letting me brag a minute!! Now back to work...


LadyBug said...

Mmmmmm! What a delicious trio of babies!!!

So wishing I was there.....

Katrina :)

Gallo Pinto2 said...

it looks like our little boy is finally getting some hair to grow back! and she has gotten bigger and looks more "grown up" thanks for posting the pic!

Anonymous said...

I wish I was there too......babies always make me feel better!