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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yet more unrest in Bolivia

I don't like writing about Bolivian politics. Besides not always understanding exactly who-is-mad-at-who-for-what, I'm afraid I'll mistakenly write a rumor as truth. However, I can say with certainty that this week is crazy for three reasons:

  • Protests/blockades/strikes because of the highly controversial referendum vote coming up this Sunday (August 10)
  • Teachers on strike, also blockading and protesting (I can't remember the last time our kids had classes)
  • "Dia de Bolivia" holiday tomorrow (August 6)

Also many medical facilities have closed down and gone on strike, which always has great repercussions for us because we are so constantly in labs, clinics, hospitals, etc. And yesterday an important court hearing regarding an adoption was nearly canceled because Child Defense is on a hunger strike!

Of course today I had to do fifty things downtown before the holiday tomorrow, so my poor sister and I trudged from one side to the other--and back again! Blockades, marches, and parades made transportation practically not useful. My feet have blisters and red marks from my sandals, which were not so good for hours of walking. Dad got stuck inside the mess for hours at one point, with a caregiver and two kids, trying to get out using his car. Another two had to walk an hour with two more kids.

We're holding our breath till Sunday, to see how the vote goes and how the people take it. It could be v-e-r-y interesting across Bolivia. I'll have an interesting time here too--I might be caring for the 16 babies with one other caregiver for several hours Sunday morning, until the others on duty can vote (obligatory) and then make it to the home. No transportation is allowed on vote days, so they have to arrive by bicycle or foot....and at that point I would love to go spend the rest of the day with my family, but by walking there, and they live in a completely different part of the city.

We'd appreciate prayers for safety, peace, a good outcome to the referendum vote, and that all of the shift changes at the homes would go well that day! Oh, and that the medical and teacher strikes would be resolved soon!!


Anonymous said...

So how DID it all turn out? Any worse?

Jennifer Thompson said...

Yeah....because Manfred was voted out, that means SEDEGES is in the process of staff turn over yet again. They scared us when the day after elections, we were told that within two days the whole department would be changed out! It hasn't been that bad, but already things are falling through the cracks (like registering CDA III) thanks to the changes.

And, as made headline news, Evo was overwhelmingly voted back in.