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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Happy 10th Anniversary!!!

On December 3, 2004, we received our first baby, a 12 month old boy from a jail/street life! He now lives with his loving parents and sister in Italy (I visited him last year!), but he launched the adventure that continues today.

Special thanks to VivaBolivia for the grant to print our invitations and a little gift (below)!

Our calendar bookmarks! (Reverse side lists the requirements for Bolivian adoption.)

This week has been full of anniversary preparations and activities to celebrate the milestone! On December 3rd, we were blessed to be able to celebrate in government facilities downtown on our pretty main plaza. Here are a few pictures of that morning!

Getting set up (my four kids!)

Sophia socializing with some of CDA's babies

Seven years in a row of nativity pictures featuring a "baby Jesus" and our kids! 

TEN years of group pictures, beginning with our first arrival (start at top left corner and go left to right)

Display of hand prints of our current children

With permission from the mother, pictures of twin boys we cared for until their mother was more stable

Also with permission, pictures of the famous "triplets of gold" (as the press called them) that we cared for 13 months, until they went to live with their mother and doting godparents

 Display of the different areas of work of Casa de Amor Children's Homes

Speakers: Dra. Patricia Gisbert of Child Defense, Dr. Freddy San Millan (Director of SEDEGES), Jennifer Beaty (Founder/Director Casa de Amor), Celia Jordan (President of Bolivian Adoptive Parents Association), Maria Medina (CDA Health Coordinator)
Our administrator/social worker Rosa Sarzuri was the Master of Ceremonies

Lots of press came!!

 Not very far into the program, it was standing room only. I estimate nearly 100 people (many of those children) were present!

David, our accountant, presenting Jennifer with a very thoughtful gift, a plaque commemorating 10 years of service to Bolivia's children!

Maybe after another 10 years, everyone will know how to spell my last name (at which point, it will be officially Beaty and they'll have to start over learning, ha)...

Milling about for a long time after the event, catching up with new and old friends

It was a wonderful reunion of past children of our homes. So fun to see them all again!

Two mischievous girls (both in local adoptive families now)

The twin boys (so big!) and their mother (thanks for the picture, Hannah!)

The triplets on the front row with their mother

Jennifer with the triplets, all grown up (thanks, Carla Booher, for the picture!)

The next morning, Rosa and Jennifer got up early and went to a TV interview to share more about our work. As nerve-wracking as it was to sit down under those bright lights with cameras rolling and a well-dressed journalist, we had a great time! We might head back soon for a one hour long interview.

Many, MANY thanks to all of our faithful supporters who have made these ten years not only possible but so wonderful!!

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