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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Successful Surgery!!!!!

We have been supremely blessed with generous financial gifts, an excellent surgeon, and timely visits by dedicated medical volunteers.
The reward is that this sweet baby...
...has a fully repaired heart!!
According to the surgeon, this was his first and LAST open heart surgery. Yay!!!
THANK YOU to everyone who has prayed, given, and volunteered by D's bedside.
Elizabeth, a nursing student from Texas, has been here for nearly 3 weeks pouring her life into baby D's. Read her wonderful blog updates here
Katrina from the Canada, US, and Bolivia (she lived here for 10 years as a missionary kid), spent much of her recent two week visit assisting with D and other medically related errands at Casa de Amor.
Melanie, a pediatric CVICU nurse from Texas, will be here in a few days to take up the baton!
The Booher family from Oregon, our enthusiastic Casa de Amor IV family, will take care of D once he is released from the hospital during this critical post-op recovery period.
Casa de Amor is so blessed!!

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