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Monday, January 30, 2012

Little boy!

Introducing the new little fellow D....who thinks he's big!

Seven years old, to be exact. And I guess 20 when he slams his little fist on the table and demands "GIVE ME A BEER!"

(He's 4!)

Yep, he came in all pink.

No, I do not know why, other than to say, "It's Bolivia".

Meeting the tias and children!
J (blind) meeting little D by touch!

This is our child number #120 and the first to ever arrive with money! The neighbor caring for him sent him off with 4 Bolivianos (equivalent to about 60 cents) and 4 small peaches.
We had a horrible scare on one of little D's first trips to the bathroom. This is probably not the place to go into details, but what I can say is he has an extreme infestation of parasites and worms that was causing something we had never thought of. We ran him to the ER but they sent us home with parasite meds and instructions on how to deal with this "side effect" when it happened again.
What we know so far of this little guy is that his father died when D was only a few months old(due to an overdose?) and now his mother is dying of terminal cancer in a hospital...we don't even know which.
According to him, he has an older sister. We don't know where she is.
D has relatives but they have migrated to Spain.
Now that we know his real age, something we were clueless on when he arrived, we realize he probably needs to live at Casa de Amor II to attend pre-kindergarten starting next month.
But since lots of investigation remains to be done, we still need to see...
Pray for D's adjustment to Casa de Amor and peace in his little heart, as he occasionally speaks of his mother to the tias.


Gallo Pinto2 said...

Beer huh? Wow... and parasites...yuck....Poor little guy! I hope you can finish all the investigating soon!

Jennifer T. said...

And turns out he has quite the colorful vocabulary...!! He keeps us in stitches but at the same time, it's language/behavior boot camp around here. ;-)