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Friday, November 18, 2011

local adoption!

This beautiful bundle of baby boy left us on Tuesday for his new family!

Baby C was abandoned as a newborn on the doorstep of another children's home. They tried to care for him but decided their home wasn't the best for a baby, and thus we were contacted.

Baby C., April 2011

He's been a healthy, happy, content baby these nearly 7 months we've been privileged to care for him at Casa de Amor!

Getting changed into his new clothes...

...Saying bye to Tias Teresa & Rosi (with Baby A, who actually arrived the same day as him)

Tia Roxana giving care and schedule instructions to C's new mom

Is that a happy family or what?! They have been SOOOO excited during the last week of this process, so desperate to come pick him up and have him join their family.

We are so happy for you, Baby C! The great thing about local adoptions is being able to stay in touch. So, till soon!!

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