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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

learned, 2.

While on my 25 day long US trip,

I learned that…

…Memphis summers are really hot and really humid (HELLO frizzy hair!!)

…Baking in the kitchen all the time for “old times sake” doesn’t seem like such a good idea when your family practically lives in cookie stores…and bring home plenty to taste!

…My favorite cookies are still all the “chewies”, YUM!

…I really seriously need to be in North Texas more than just a couple of days the next trip (shout out to Texas friends!!!)

…Even though I could talk about Casa de Amor in my sleep by this point, it was an interesting, new challenge to communicate the street work

…Memphis churches are passionate about local city outreach and are finding innovative ways to make a difference

…Road trips with family are still fun!

…US weddings are very lovely, very special, unique affairs (until my cousin’s this month, I hadn’t been to one since the 90s)

…never thought I’d say this, but Target is definitely a cool place to shop :)

...I am very fortunate to have lived in the same house 6 years and counting as a single (as my sister prepares to move for a 5th time, 5 years in a row)

…while it was wonderful to be with both parents again, in the same country, at the same time, the bond between sisters is extra special and I sure wish we could all four be together more often

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