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Thursday, April 7, 2011

sick baby update

Shortly after writing the last post, we got the good news that baby girl F could come home!

The other news nearly made us faint: the bill for 13 days is $280! (We rarely spend more than $100 to get a child out, if not much less, because we are in the lowest paying category of the pediatric hospital.)

We were blessed to have the social worker, a long time friend, speak to the director on our behalf and slash the bill down to $143. Tomorrow baby boy S might be released (yeah!) and we have been warned that his bill is nearly as much as baby F's.

Apart from these two, we spent $110 on the other babies admitted, not to mention a whole lot more on medications the past month.

The accountant just showed me his pile of health related receipts for March as related to other expenses - it definitely wins!! It's been a rough several weeks.

If God puts it on your heart to help with these extra expenses, please let us know. I think maybe once or twice a year I mention economical needs on the blog, not wanting it to be anything about asking for money (my least favorite part of my "job"!), but sometimes it's good to share our needs with one another.

I'm done now - off to check on all the babies! :)

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