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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's a Boy!

Today a one year old arrived to us from the hospital, where he was admitted for three days after being removed from the street.

He is really down, poor little guy. It's so hard to see him here looking all alone when I've always seen him happily in the arms of his mother.

This is the very conflictive, controversial part of our work, even if I didn't have any say in him being taken away. Police and even the child's father had warned the mother multiple times and this is the consequence of her refusal to leave the street.

Pray that little J perks up soon, responds to our love, and heals from several ailments!


Amy said...

Oh, so good that he's off the street and in such a good home! I know your heart to help his mother and the rest of those kids, but I don't see how this could possibly be controversial. No babies should live with their mothers on the streets. No question about it. It's good to know that he's in a safe place.

Gallo Pinto2 said...

Well put Amy! I'm sad that he isn't with his mama but she was warned :-/ I hope he feels better soon :)

Anonymous said...

agreed controversy whatsoever! The street is the street, and the homes are the homes! If the mom doesn't love the baby enough to leave the street...someone has to love him enought to get him off of the street, even if it means separation from the mother.

Heather said...

He finally came! We want pictures!

rehannabernard said...

If this is the J I think it is, then I totally get your turmoil...and the controversy..and the Irony..all in one! It's never a 'happy' moment to see a mother separated from her child..not matter the circumstance..but it's never happy to see a child living on the street either...SIGH... oh the turmoil...atleast God's in control eh!