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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Twin Birthday Bash!

A post specially for Tia Denise (aka mother to twins E & E) and our northerly neighbors shivering their way through winter...

At the end of November, thanks to generous friends, we had a VERY special 3rd birthday bash for our Twins E & E!

(We had just arrived and they were already flushed and hot - it's been a HOT rainy season this year)

The pavilion all set up...

But first things first, we dove into the pool!!

Tia Savannah giving a little safety and rule pep talk first (well done!) while sister Allison snaps pictures

How 'bout that view?!

Everyone did remarkably well. Even our special needs J LOVED being in the water!

The only ones who cried consistently? The twins, which will surprise no one who knows them!!

The snacks just kept coming, and coming, and coming....

As well as the special attention!

Our new friend this year, father of the godmother to the triplets and also owner of the bus station and several other businesses around town. The mother of the triplets also live with him and his family.

He has taken on concern for all our children, particularly new little J, even setting up an appointment with an excellent eye doctor.

Little Miss E with a birthday gift! (We had just drug her out of the bathroom here. Seeing as she didn't need to go - not sure what she was going to do in there!)

After a lovely play time in the spacious grassy area, it was CAKE TIME!!

Cute kiddos or what?!

and piƱata time!

What a beautiful, memorable afternoon all together and outdoors!

Pray that the twins' papers continue progressing in the court system as they've been pre-assigned adoptive parents for several months now!

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