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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Personality Plus

The church crew, just back from their Sunday morning out.

Gotta say, this room could barely hold the amount of cuteness!!

How was it for the poor souls wonderful friends who did a church service with them?!

Knowing that I had to stop by the bridge before and after, I kept my church outing simple: one triplet!

The fabulously adorable NATALY!

How did I choose? Well, there were two in their room when I went in so I went with the one that was awake.

The other two when we got back, hanging out with tias during naptime:

They are getting sooo cute! Developmentally they're at a 4-5 month old level which is one of my favorite stages. They LOVE to laugh, giggle, squeal, be tickled, and...KISSES!!

I still marvel: how is it that WE were sent the triplets?! Some days I still can't believe they are HERE with US! Blessed indeed.

1 comment:

Savannah said...

I CANNOT get enough of L's camera-grins! hilarious!! and the trips...oh my word adorable! SEE YOU SATURDAY! :) :) :)