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Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy June!

Soooo..... I've fallen off the blogger bandwagon in a big way. I mean, just three posts in May?! That's PITIFUL. Every hour around here something bloggable happens. Guess it's just a mattered of being overwhelmed with subject matter, and falling out of the habit of posting daily.

Just now I discovered a "Happy May" post that I started well, over a month ago, that never got finished much less published.

But now for the good news: this weekend while staying at a friend's apartment, I started several blog posts, even though I had no internet. I write posts in my head all the time, now if they can just make it to paper computer. =)

Stay tuned...


Gallo Pinto2 said...

Honestly I haven't even notice the lack of posts b/c the month of May for teachers is such a disastrously busy month! But I'm glad to hear there will be more posts soon...that is if I even have internet right away when I move!

Liz said...

Jen, you really did suck in May, it's true. But you may redeem yourself in June. We'll see... ;)